ARQ Magazine receives contributions to be published in both the “Works and Projects” and “Readings” section according to the themes defined for each issue. Submitted articles should be unpublished, at least not in Spanish; we suggest that our authors respect this condition for at least two months after the publication of the material in the magazine.

The texts sent for publication in the “Readings” section should be the result of a research process of academic standard, including footnotes, bibliographical references within the text and the list corresponding to the bibliographical references, in alphabetical order by author. We suggest a range of 2,000 to 4,000 words in length for the main text. The bibliography must be in Chicago format according to the details in the following link.

Readings. After a first review by the editor, all articles meeting our standards are sent to external referees for blind review. The referees will then emit a report on quality and interest in the material that is passed on to the authors. Once approved, the articles go on to form part of the issues programmed by ARQ. Requirements for the definitive material are available here.

Works and projects. The editor and the editorial board will review the material submitted for the “Works and Projects” section, and together they will define its publication in the magazine. It is important that the material can provide an argument in relation to the issue of the magazine, not only limiting itself to present a finished work. Notes, sketches, working models and construction records make up part of the desirable contents. Requirements for the definitive material are available here.

Submit your proposals to: